Leaping the “Oh Shit Dip”

Leaping the "Oh Shit" Dip

LTOSD is a two day course aimed at women and designed to help them to resolve the issues that are getting in the way of them fully living their potential.

Delivered by two NLP Master Practitioners the course helps delegates to:

For women, often the hole in the road turns up because we’re at something of a cross roads in our lives, our children might be getting older, our careers not what we want or need anymore, our relationships changing. Re-discovering who we really are, what we actually want for ourselves and for our lives is what ‘Leaping the Oh Shit Dip’ is all about.

What to expect

Two days of tools, concepts and ideas that will allow delegates to understand their drivers, identify faulty strategies and make real changes.

Based around a strong core of NLP techniques the course brings in elements of transactional analysis, timeline work, relationship models and vulnerability.

Expect a warm and safe environment, unconditional positive regard, and exposure to ideas that will change the way you think and live.


The course is two days, 10.00-4.30 and can be run as two consecutive or two separate days. If the course is run as two separate days it is important that these are no more than 4 weeks apart and that delegates commit to attending both.


The course cost is £150 per delegate plus vat.


The current course is for women only. We are working on developing an offering for men and hope to be able to release this in 2018. The rationale is that both groups may feel inhibited in talking about personal issues in a mixed gender group, and the ability to honesty and openly discuss real issues is key to making personal progress.


Both trainers are fully qualified NLP Master Practitioners. In addition, the trainers have extensive experience in coaching, mental health mentoring, supporting families, 1:1 NLP therapy and group training. One of our team is also currently training to become a qualified Psychotherapist. 

Both trainers carry public liability and personal indemnity insurance supplied by Towergate Insurance. Copies of certificates are available on request.

Contact Information

For more information, or to enquire about course dates and charges contact Siobhan Clarke: