Here’s some of the ways we can help you

NLP Coaching

Up until 2011 I was coaching on a 1:1 basis but found the experience to be pretty frustrating at times. If people have options and could choose to do and think differently then why don’t they? Why do some people seem intent on choosing the most destructive path available to them? How do they ignore the longer term impact over the short term satisfaction of their behaviour?

Sounds familiar? Well starting my NLP journey in 2011 I finally found a name for this, ‘Stuck state’ where we repeat the same pattern of behaviour long past the point where it has ceased to be useful and into the realm where it has become actively disadvantageous to us.

Easy to point at, but what do you do about it? Well this is where NLP can really come into play. A model of how we communicate and perceive the world around us NLP can help us to identify the causes for that behaviour, and here’s the good bit, change it.

Learning & Development Programmes

All too often developmental interventions are used to ‘sheep dip’ staff and hope that some of it sticks. At Clarke HR consulting we believe that the right approach is to spend time really getting to know the business and identifying who actually needs the development and then tailoring the approach to meet those individual needs. We can help you with:

  • Interpersonal skills development.
  • Building stronger working relationships and reducing potential conflict in teams.
  • Personal Impact.
  • Increasing self-awareness.
  • Self confidence.
  • NLP tools and techniques to support managers and customer facing staff.


Policies & Procedures

Policies and Procedures, they’re not important until you need them, and all too often that’s when you find that they’re not up to date or there’s a gap in the handbook. So the solution is to have extensive, complex and comprehensive procedures?

Well not necessarily, too Draconian an approach will stifle your ability to respond flexibly to your employee’s needs and being too light touch can leave you with nothing to rely on should an employee relationship turn sour.

The solution is to think about your business and the culture you are trying to create. Who are you? What are you trying to achieve? How do you want it to feel round here? We can help you work through this and then provide the support to create a handbook, policies and ACAS compliant procedures, but at a level that suits you.

Recruitment & Selection

Finding the right hire can feel like a daunting task, and getting it wrong it can be an expensive learning curve. With over 10 years direct experience of Recruitment and Selection Clarke HR Consulting can help you to create a seamless candidate experience. We can help you with all elements of the process including:

  • Crafting Job Descriptions and creating the candidate package.
  • Job Adverts and where to market your opportunity.
  • Selection and Assessment processes. From interview formats and questions, to a full assessment day we can help you create the most cost effective approach for your business.
  • Interviewing. If you don’t have the resource you need we can help with that too.

We work with all sizes of business, contact us here to discuss your requirements.

Disciplinary & Misconduct

It’s never the aim of an business to end up in conflict with its employees, however, despite our best efforts we sometimes end up having to invoke misconduct or disciplinary proceedings. It is never an easy process and if you are unfamiliar with dealing with issues in these complex areas it can feel quite daunting. We can help you with:

  • Investigations
  • Process and procedure
  • Advice on handling the fall out
  • Disciplinary hearings

NLP Therapeutic Practice

There are some things which are not for the work place and need resolution elsewhere. On a private client basis I also offer NLP Therapy.

The focus of the therapy is always client led, and can cover anything from working on phobias, to resolving conflict in personal relationships, to removing limited beliefs and creating more success.

Any private client therapeutic work will begin with a free of charge ‘Chemistry’ meeting in which we will determine what areas you wish to work on and whether these are within my scope of practice.

The purpose of the meeting is to ensure that we are both comfortable with working together and to give you the opportunity to ask more about what the process will involve.

If what you wish to work on is not within my scope of practice I have a network of NLP Therapists that I can refer you onto.


One of my main areas of interest in private client work is around bereavement.

Dealing with the loss of a loved one can be a lonely experience in a society that doesn’t like talking about death. It can be difficult to tell your friends and family about the many conflicting emotions you’re dealing with on a daily basis and how ineffective the passage of time can be in changing this.

Sometimes you need a safe place to release this, and help to resolve it. Death is part of life, but it’s not one that we like to acknowledge or accept, and that can mean that when we’re faced with it, we don’t have the language or the tools.

If you would like to discuss work in this area, on a completely confidential basis, please contact me here.